Picture illustrating the awesomeness of outer space.

I was just sitting here thinking…outer space is really crazy awesomeness.  What I mean by this is that on a scale that measures the level of awesomeness of an object, outer space would rank at a 15.

One of the reasons why I think outer space is so crazy and awesome  is because it is so big.  It is probably one of the biggest things I can think of right now.  To give you an idea of how big space is, if you started running at full speed and kept doing this for the rest of your life, you couldn’t even reach the end of space in two lifetimes.

Outer space also has a lot of giant flaming objects, also known as stars.  Stars are huge and to give you an idea of how hot they are, if you touched one, you would explode instantly and then melt.  After you melted, you would probably even evaporate.
There are also lots of other interesting things found in the cosmos.  One of those is meteors.  These are interesting because they could cause a lot of damage if they collide in a planet such as Earth.

Outer Space

Overall, it is clear that space is pretty awesome but yet must be approached with caution.  To read some great information about space, check out a great site I found called Outer Space Universe.

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