My Favorite Font
An article by Brandon

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Let me start off by telling you the name of my favorite font. It's called "Trebuchet MS". You might be asking yourself, "so what?". Well, let me direct your attention to the following image:

A trebuchet.

Okay, so maybe that doesn't look like much. But once you know what a trebuchet does, I think your mind will change. Basically, a trebuchet flings heavy stuff at people and/or castles. The best part is, it can fling just about anything. Possibilities include:

A big rock.

A cow.


Basically, trebuchets are awesome. They can turn this:

A castle.

into this:


So, until there's a font on my computer called "nuclear bomb", I'm gonna stick with this.

Be sure to check out the trebuchet background!

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